Leather by Wollsdorf

WOLLSDORF - World market leader for steering wheel leather covers. Did you know that we are the world market leader in steering wheel leather?

”More than 60 percent of our processed hides are converted into leather steering wheel covers. Ultimately, this means that, thus far since 1990, 60 million drivers have held a leather steering wheel by Wollsdorf Leather in their hands. Even after all these years we continue to improve the quality of our leather products through innovations and cutting-edge technologies – regardless of the model, size or type of leather.

Besides steering wheels, car seats are the most worn leather part in the interior of the car. It is important that car upholstery leather for seats continues to adapt to the shape of the body for years to come – and remains supple just as on the first day. We therefore manufacture car leather seat covers in Nappa smooth but also in required embossing structures and perforations.

Car leather seats can heat up in the summer due to high ambient temperatures or direct insolation. Our COOL leather counters this problem: When exposed to direct insolation, this unique layer reduces the heating of the leather by up to 20°C compared to conventional automotive leather.”

ALCANTARA material by Alcantara

ALCANTARA: A MULTI-FACETED UNIVERSE Material. Touch. Versatility. Technology. Invention. Made in Italy. Sustainability. Lifestyle. Art. Fashion. Luxury. Research.

''These key words describe Alcantara’s multi-faceted universe, capable of dressing both an individual and the industry with a uniqueness that is simply unparalleled. Alcantara is much more than a brand. It is where Made in Italy and design unite, in a material that is constantly evolving and ever-changing. The Company was founded in Italy, and it brings Italian values to every corner of the globe. As a material that combines aesthetics and performance, Alcantara is a tool with a contemporary, global, and kaleidoscopic style. Alcantara is the magic word that opens the door to an emotional feel, one that steers design towards new horizons of experimentation. The use of this material continues apace, tirelessly moving forward on an evolutionary journey, facilitated by an unrelenting search for new frontiers of application. The influence of Alcantara extends into the sphere of international taste, lending a touch of originality – the core component of its DNA – to strategies, events and initiatives.''

Threads by Amann

''Serafil is a sewing and embroidery thread made from polyester continuous filament. The single yarns are made of endless fibres (filaments) for continuous filament threads. Partially, up to 200 single filaments make up a single yarn (continuous filament). Thanks to their construction, continuous filaments have a smooth, glossy surface and a consistent thread character. Furthermore, they display a very high breaking strength and abrasion resistance.''

Glues by HB Fuller

''From instrument panels, steering wheels, dashboards and door panels to headliners, trunk trim, acoustical materials and weatherstripping, H.B. Fuller has the technology and adhesives to ensure efficient, reliable manufacturing processes and aesthetically pleasing, durable bonds.
Low VOC Adhesives H.B. Fuller’s versatile range of low volatile organic compound (VOC) adhesives meet increasing consumer expectations and the demand for safer manufacturing. Even under extreme heat conditions, our hot melt adhesives for vehicles reduce or eliminate volatile organic compounds to safer, more stable levels.''