Quality standards

Each single project, doesn't matter if it is a steering wheel, gear knob or full interior upholstery is checked step by step during the process and also as a final product to fulfill all quality criteria requested by the OEM specifications even if we are not an OEM's supplier. During the process we follow well established work instructions and also the quality is checked according to the quality books and samples.

Quality comes first!

Materials verification

Every single leather hide is checked from the quality point of view. We check for the natural marks, processing marks, color, elongation, softness, thickness and peeling.
Only doing this we can understand the material characteristics and only then we can understand what we need to do to obtain the best products for our customers.

Leather - A natural product - Of course you'll never find a perfect leather, otherwise will not be anymore a natural product.

Process steps

From leather hide inspection, cutting, pre-sewing till the product is finished, each process step is well established, documented and implemented such that the final product must be at the highest quality possible standards and the customer requirements are fulfilled.

Only with a perfect understanding of materials and process you can win the desired quality.