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Know something we don\’t about Sonic? Don\’t hesitate in signing up today! It\’s fast, free, and easy, and you will get a wealth of new abilities, and it also hides your IP address from public view. We are in need of content, and everyone has something to contribute! If you have an account, please log in. Eggman and his Hard Boiled Heavies from harnessing a mysterious new energy source. The storyline of the game also ties into Sonic Forces. Sonic Mania was developed by Christian Whitehead , who had previously worked on enhanced ports of early Sonic games, with the aid of Headcannon and PagodaWest Games , who were chosen for their work in the Sonic fangame community; and was published by Sega.

A definitive version of the game, titled Sonic Mania Plus , was released on 17 July Downloadable content to the base game, titled \”Encore DLC\”, was released alongside the physical version. After Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles \”Tails\” Prower saved Angel Island , [15] a sudden dimensional breach occurs in the atmosphere, causing a unique energy wave signature to appear on Angel Island. Despite not being the Chaos Emeralds , this reading is remarkably powerful, and Tails convinces Sonic to investigate it with him.

Sonic and Tails thus head to Angel Island in the Tornado. Eggman , having discovered the dimensional breach, has detected this energy signature too. Sonic and Tails arrive on Angel Island just as the Hard Boiled Heavies excavate the source of the signal, a mysterious gemstone known as the \” Phantom Ruby \”, from the ground. As they did so, space-time suddenly warped around them, [16] with Sonic, Tails, the Hard Boiled Heavies, and Knuckles the Echidna , who was relaxing nearby, getting caught in the warp.

The group gets catapulted to Green Hill Zone , where it is revealed that the Phantom Ruby\’s power has transformed the Hard Boiled Heavies into more powerful Egg-Robos and granted them free will.

However, they are too late to prevent Eggman from stealing the gemstone from the now-rebellious Hard Boiled Heavies, which he promptly uses to send Sonic and his crew to Chemical Plant Zone. Not set back by this, Sonic and his friends continue to pursue Eggman to keep him from using the gemstone\’s power for evil, clashing with him, the members of the Hard Boiled Heavies, and various other robots, along the way.

Sonic and his friends eventually discover that Eggman has seized and mechanized Little Planet once again. From there, the game\’s ending will depend on the player\’s actions:. The good ending of Sonic \’s story. A powerful robot army built by Dr. Loyal to his orders, the Heavies successfully retrieved the mysterious gemstone , but its power seems to have loosened a few of their screws.

The game uses an autosave feature that saves the player\’s progress at certain points. The main playthrough of the game takes place in \”Mania Mode\”, upon which a playable character is selected. The goal is to race to the end of each Act of in a series of Zones a level in the game in less than ten minutes. The game\’s levels consist of remixed Zones from past games, such as Green Hill Zone from the original Sonic the Hedgehog , and new Zones as well. There are also alternate routes that only certain playable characters can reach.

Certain characters may also have certain unique aspects about their stories, such as the first Act of Green Hill Zone, which starts on a different path if the player is playing as Knuckles. In gameplay, the series\’ collectible Rings can be found everywhere. Like in previous games, they act as health for the playable characters: as long as the player holds at least one, they will be protected from damage.

Touching Badniks or obstacles like spikes inflicts damage. If the playable character gets damaged, they will drop all their Rings, though some can be recollected before they disappear. Taking damage without any Rings will cost the player a try. They will also lose a try if they spend too long underwater without replenishing their air supply or fall into a bottomless pit.

Losing a try makes the player start from the last Star Post they passed in an Act, or from the beginning of the Act if they have not passed any Star Posts. Running out of tries will result in a Game Over ; the player can continue if they earn a Continue , however. There are also unique maneuvers for each character; Sonic is able to use the Drop Dash , a new move introduced in this game, which allows the player to instantly dash into a Spin Dash upon landing from a jump; [12] [19] Tails can fly and swim ; [20] and Knuckles can glide and climb walls.

If Tails takes damage, he will not lose Rings. Tails can also fly while holding Sonic. With this, the player can reach areas that are hard for Sonic to reach on his own. In a feature new to Sonic Mania , being equipped with an elemental shield can have effects in the traversal of the level such as burning away the rotating spiked bridges in Green Hill Zone with the Flame Shield or being attracted to the magnetic ceilings with the Lightning Shield in Flying Battery Zone.

Beside the main storyline, the player can also collect the Chaos Emeralds : by entering one of the Giant Rings hidden throughout the Acts, the player can enter a Special Stage and obtain a Chaos Emerald by completing it.

Collecting all seven Emeralds and completing the final Zone with Sonic will the game\’s good cinematic ending. Also, after a character gets all seven Emeralds, he can enter a Super State in Mania Mode which grants him greater speed, higher jumps and invulnerability. Bonus Stages from early games also return, which are accessed by entering a Star Circle that appears when the player passes a Star Post while carrying a minimum of twenty-five Rings; completing Bonus Stages will award the player with Medallions that unlock new features in No Save mode and Extras.

Sonic , Tails and Knuckles. Sonic and Tails in Studiopolis Zone , one of five original Zones in the game. Sonic Mania consists of thirteen Zones eight remastered, five original , each one divided into two parts that are referred to as \”Acts\”. At the end of each Act, the player takes part in a boss battle; [26] [27] \”mini-bosses\” are fought at the end of Act 1 and the main bosses are fought at the end of Act 2. The Zones in their order are:. The Special Stage.

Special Stages are seven extra levels where the players can collect the Chaos Emeralds. These Stages can be accessed through hidden Giant Rings in the Acts. The objective is to catch up to the sole UFO in this level, all while avoiding hazards and staying within the course\’s borders, and obtain the Chaos Emerald the UFO has within the time limit.

If the timer runs out or if the player falls off the track, the stage will end but can be retried infinitely. Spread out across the stages are Spheres that make the playable character run faster and Rings that increase the game\’s timer.

Knuckles in the Bonus Stage. Bonus Stages are thirty-two special areas. They can be accessed by jumping into the Star Circle that appears over Star Posts when said gimmicks are passed while carrying at least twenty-five Rings. Here, the player must run across a spherical planet. To succeed, the player must collect blue spheres and Rings as a bonus whilst avoiding the red spheres with the blue spheres turning into red spheres when collected; boxing a group of blue spheres inside a perimeter of red spheres will turn all the spheres in the box into Rings.

Collecting all Rings on the board will result in a \” Perfect \” score and the stage will end either when the player hits a red sphere or collects every blue sphere. The longer the player stays in the stage, the more it will speed up, thus increasing the difficulty.

Two types of Medallions are awarded upon the completion of a Bonus Stage. Silver Medallions are awarded to those who only collects all the Blue Spheres, while Gold Medallions are awarded to those who collects all the blue spheres and Rings.

In Mania Mode, there is an additional menu named Game Options formerly the Secrets menu where players can set additional bonus features while playing in Mania Mode.

These features are unlocked by collecting Medallions in the Bonus Stages and include the following:. Competition is the multiplayer component of Sonic Mania.

This mode features a split-screen where two players can race each other to the end of a shared Act from Mania Mode, similar to those of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. In Competition, the player who selects this mode becomes Player 1, leaving the other player to be Player 2. The players select one of the three playable characters before setting the game rules, which include:. Before a race, the players choose which Zone and Act to race through; the Zones available depend on the player\’s progress in Mania Mode.

After each round, the players select a new Act. When initiated, the race will begin with Player 1 at the top of the screen and Player 2 at the bottom, and will follow two rules:. At the end of an Act, the players will be graded out from five criteria: Time, Ring count at the end, their Total Ring count which includes Rings lost, and the amount of Item Boxes broken. The player that wins the most of out these five criteria takes the round, and the player who wins the most out of everything is the winner.

In the event that the final score ends in a draw, the game is decided via a game of Mean Bean Machine. Time Attack allows players to replay previously cleared Acts with the goal of getting the fastest record possible. They also feature no bosses or Star Posts , and the \”Time Elapsed\” counter serves as a timer. As a new feature for the Time Attack in the Sonic series , players can restart an Act seamlessly at any point with the \”Quick Restart\” function. When using Time Attack, the players select a character and then the Zone and Act to race through; the Zones available depend on how far the player has gotten in Mania Mode.

The challenge starts when the player passes the Start Marker and ends when passing the Goal Plate. Upon completing an Act, the player is graded based on their time, and their score; an additional \”Cool Bonus\” is added if the player clears an Act without sustaining damage.

Once the Acts are completed, the game saves and records the player\’s time, which can be compared to those on a personal list of best time logs. If Sonic Mania is connected to the internet, the game also automatically uploads the players\’ time record to an online leaderboard after they pass the Goal Plate. Extras is a menu containing various bonus game modes which are unlocked as the player progresses through the game.

It also holds an overview of the different Medallions that have been collected by completing Bonus Stages. Modes here include:. After developing the game for a few months, Whitehead presented a prototype, which he called Sonic Discovery , to series producer Takashi Iizuka. Giant Rings hidden in each act, a feature of the original games, lead to pseudo-3D special stages similar to those in Sonic the Hedgehog CD.

The developers modeled the gameplay on Sonic the Hedgehog 3 , with each zone consisting of two Acts and boss fights at the end of each. For returning stages, the designers made the first Act feel familiar, and introduced new elements in the second Act.

The game features animated opening and ending sequences led by Tyson Hesse , one of the artists of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics. The game was first announced during the presentation held by Sega at San Diego Comic-Con with a debut trailer.

Briefly after the game\’s announcement, the game developer company Renegade Kid offered to port the game over to the Nintendo 3DS. On 12 January , it was announced the game would also be released for the Nintendo Switch , with Tantalus Media helping to port it.

Nintendo Dream , a gaming magazine from Japan, featured Sonic Mania , but the information included was revealed months prior and also confirmed that Sonic Mania will feature multiplayer.


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