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Deploy Server 14 – Step #5 Test – Fails to communicate w Web Server

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A table cannot be imported into itself. A firewall issue at the Server level could be it.

Filemaker pro 14 connection failed free

Mar 11,  · Use Ethernet Connection. First, you need to make sure that if the problem is with Wi-Fi or the router We fixed an issue where loading a solution failed after closing VS for Mac in full screen mode on Big Sur. FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server are compatible with macOS Big Sur with no known issues.. macOS Big Sur is. iOS 14 is the fourteenth major release of the iOS mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. for their iPhone and iPod Touch lines. Announced at the company\’s Worldwide Developers Conference on June 22, as the successor to iOS 13, it was released to the public on September 16, It was succeeded by iOS 15 on September 20, This is a list of TCP and UDP port numbers used by protocols for operation of network applications.. The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) only need one port for duplex, bidirectional usually use port numbers that match the services of the corresponding TCP or UDP implementation, if they exist. The Internet Assigned .


FileMaker error codes


If so, see Knowledge Base Article Failed Authentication Warnings in the Event. Since the \”no longer responding\” error messages are happening for multiple clients, this probably means the issue is with FileMaker Server. Therefore, since there are so many files involved with FileMaker Server, a reinstall would be advised. I would first stop FileMaker Server, move all database files to the desktop, and then fully uninstall FileMaker Server.

Once uninstalled, remove any leftover files, and then reboot the machine to clear out any possible memory conflicts. Once the server reboots and you log in with administrator privileges, install FileMaker Server as this will write all new files. Once fully deployed, copy the database files from the Desktop back into the designated Databases folder and open those files via the Admin Console.

Naturally, make sure you don\’t have any virus detection or third-party backup applications running as this could interfere with FileMaker Server processes.

We just started using FM Server 15 and it just disconnects users for no reason with errors 10 and 51 all the time.. No other programs or services seem to be as flakey as FM Server.

Very frustrating. As mentioned in previous posts, this is caused by the network being unable to stay connected to the client, so the connection is dropped. What clients are being used to connect to FileMaker Server 15? FileMaker Pro? FileMaker Go? Are the disconnects coming from a specific machine? A specific client? The only clients are two FM 15 users who try to connect for long periods of time via the internet.

There are also intermittent connections from technicians using FM Go who do not have any problems as FM Go seems to be able to keep the sessions alive even when the techs switch to other apps. The disconnects are coming from the 2 Mac users running FM No specific events are associated with the disconnects.

FM Server just drops them for no reason. Both clients endure the same problems. I believe the issue is with the FM Server and should be fixed. It is annoying and causes loss of work. I can recommend the free IP-Scanner for Network to detect any possible conflicts. This one is Mac only:. Just be aware that any internet activity as internet radio and Youtube video will have negative impact on a reliable network connections not only with bandwidth but \’specially by leading to higher latency with your client devices.

When using any network scanner, the latency Ping milliseconds is very important! Thank you for the information. I have everything configured correctly. I think the problem is with FM Server. It is flakey and unreliable. FM should work hard to fix the problems. Took your advice and reinstalled FM Server, no change.

So, somewhat amazed that I couldn\’t reinstall Filemaker Server on a server that it was running on already, I avoided that fiasco by just using a different server. But, Still NO change in the disconnect problem. In each case, I removed the software, rebooted the machine and then reinstalled.

The problem continues. So, well, in addition to changing every network component, cable, switch and IP address, we have also now changed servers, reinstalled FM Server and also reinstalled FM Clients. Same exact issue, but maybe even a little worse. Now on logging into the first database with SSO for all others the Client authentication error is sent via email notification to me immediately, with disconnect coming some time later.

Before I reinstalled FM Server, that notification error would come 5 minutes or more after logging in. Our conclusion is the disconnects are definitely NOT a loss of network for one or two minutes as error 51 implies. I have edited and changed records just seconds before losing connections with error code Those edited records remain updated on relogging into FM. The error message stating that the client is not responding is misleading and likely not accurate.

That, in itself, is an error as records are committed within seconds of losing connection with the \”client not responding\” explanation of: \” no longer responding; connection closed. The Authentication error reports that \”bsmith\” has failed in FM Authentication but \”bsmith\” never tries to login to a database This seems like a key bit of info. We have changed every single logical, physical and software component and still we are being disconnected within 2 to 20 minutes all throughout the day.

Any recommendations would be more than welcome. For clarification, do you have multiple switches? Or do you have one switch where you are testing with and without the Domain Controller? What I\’m trying to determine is if there are multiple switches and one switch works, what is the difference?

Does your solution use multiple files? Is it possible one of the files use an Active Directory account? I want to look at your FileMaker Server Event. I have sent you a private message with instructions where to send the files. I am also having a similar problem. Started the first or second week of June. Server is Windows R2 clients are Pro and Advanced For weeks, this only happened to about 10 out of employee\’s connecting with certain machines.

Over time the list of effected users is growing. User machines are Windows 7, 8, and In our troubleshooting, our network admin tested launching a database connection using his physical machine and a second connection using a VM installed on the same physical machine.

His VM connection is dropped every five minutes, while the physical connection does not. We have tried moving servers to a new VM, moving VM to a new physical server, moved switches, installed completely new servers. The problem is now happening to three different servers using two FileMaker Server versions 13 and Sniffing packets show that the FileMaker server will send a transmission to the client, the client will respond, the server sends a retransmission, then sends a disconnect.

There is no latency or server performance issues that we can see. It just seems like the FM server is not seeing the client acknowledgements. The really confusing part is that there are times when a client will be disconnected within 30 seconds of connecting to a file.

There is no possible way that they could have his the 2 minute connection timeout. Edit: Forgot to mention that connections to the admin console are also disconnecting. Again, this is a production server in which everything both hosting files and the green check mark custom SSL icon work fine from OSX local accounts connecting to the server, but I get Connection Failed if I try to connect from a OD network account.

Several community users have reported this bug so I\’d appreciate it if software engineering could look into it. I can mock this up on new hardware with technical support sometime if we must, but I only have one FMS license and I\’m very hesitent to yank my production server license to go after what looks pretty strongly to be a product glitch.

How are you logging into the the system externally? Without revealing your real credentials, let me know the steps you have taken, and maybe I\’ll be able to determine the cause. So my setup overview is Server A a. If login as admin a local account on Computer C and open FileMaker, when I go to open remote and add the host b.

When I type in BB. BB as the host, I get connection failed. Thus, the same hardware can connect to the same FileMaker server, only when that workstation is logged into a local account. Also, to re-iterate from a comment I made on another user\’s post about this same glitch, If I disable SSL, I can connect from a network account. If I ditch my trusted certificate and use a self signed certificate, I can connect from a network account.

When I re-import my trusted certificate GoDaddy, FileMaker approved, works everywhere else , no-go from the network account. I even re-keyed it and had it reissued and same problem. Your description appears to be more of the settings for your network accounts and group. You can then pull down the File menu and select \”Save Look at the different Network settings as well as other hardware Ethernet Cards come immediately to mind.

Clients that are NOT having the \”Connection failed\” problem can host the same test file peer-to-peer with each other. Clients that are having the \”Connection failed\” problem with the new FMS 16 host have the same problem with peer-to-peer sharing: they can see the other hosts but see \”Connection failed\” in place of each host\’s list of hosted files the test file. Clients that are having the \”Connection failed\” problem can ostensibly host the test file peer-to-peer in that I can enable FMP 16 network sharing for all users on the test file without FileMaker reporting any problem to me , but no other FMP 16 clients can see these hosts or their test file in the Launch Center.

Moving clients that are having the the \”Connection failed\” problems from WiFi to Ethernet makes no difference in the situations described above. I\’m working on comparing network details in system reports from clients having the \”Connection failed\” problem with those from clients for whom FMP16 is working as expected Is there a way to escalate this matter in priority, or put it in front of someone who knows where to look for the solution?

After talking with a couple of other Support Technicians, it still points to a port issue. One recommendation is to run a port scan from the client to the server and from the server to the client on port Another suggestion is to create a new Mac user account, login to the new user account, launch FileMaker Pro and connect to the server.

Contact our Technical Support department directly at toll-free inside North America. If outside North America, contact the FileMaker office nearest you. A Support Technician can then stay on the phone with you testing different configurations. I have run a port scan from an affected client to the new FMS16 host showing open. I\’ll try one in the other direction. What are the third-party and utility software installed on every workstation? I\’ll have to ask my users; the answer is prob.

TextExpander is one I\’m aware of, for example. Probably innocuous, right, as runs locally and needs no network access? Again, knowing what I\’m looking for will help. Are only apps that require network access of concern? Only those that are running at the time when Filemaker 16 won\’t connect? If users are suddenly disconnecting, then they are not being able to stay connected to the host file.

One option is to temporarily remove all utilities. Run FileMaker Pro, and then add each utility after \”x\” amount of time until users start losing connection. Once you believe the utility has been found, remove all other utilities and try again, as it may not be a single utility but a combination. TSGal, I haven\’t said users are losing their connection. Send in a System Profile for two of the non-connecting machines, and two of the connecting machines.

This may help provide a clue. I have sent you a private message with instructions where to send the files. See if the FileMaker Server 16 machine is listed. If so, delete the entry, and then try again. Also sent recent Console log entries for \”filemaker,\” which show dozens of errors logged each time I provoke the \”Connection failed\” message be trying to open a file on the new FMS 16 host.

Port scans between \”Connection failed\” workstation and FMS 16 host show open in both directions. I then booted this same system in safe mode using the OS on the laptop drive, not the external drive and it still received the \”Connection failed\” error when trying to view files hosted by the server.

I just confirmed that there are no permitted hosts in the FMP 16 preferences for one of the computers experiencing the \”Connection failed\” issue. Can you tell me more about what utilities to look for, which could be causing this problem? Anything that helps narrow my search and minimize waste of my clients\’ time will be helpful.

Update: started to reinstall MacOS on one of the machines where FMP 16 doesn\’t work, but the 90 minutes that takes was too long during a work day. As before, the new FMS 16 host is visible in Launch Center but where its test file should be displayed the user sees \”Connection failed. Thanks, Michelle. Download Download. Show more actions. Deployment Web. Yes, we tested PHP and it seems to be working fine.

Try to add phpinfo to this folder Since it is in FIleMaker server folder, make sure you only have one install at the time. I was about to suggest the phpinfo. Hi All, Thanks so much to everyone who offered suggestions to this issue! Log In to Answer. And firewall is off Install and deploy should be straightforward. John Gagne. Deployment Web.

It gets better Have you read this knowledge base article? Sent from my iPhone. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!! That did the trick! Full Install No deployment 2. Type command at terminal to allow patch to come in 3.

Patch Install Then deploy And the patch turns on the web serer Perfect!!!


Filemaker pro 14 connection failed free

Unsupported Excel version; convert file to the current Excel format and try again. Where are you getting this information? I\’ll have to ask my users; the answer is prob. Time value does not meet validation entry options. Generic calculation error. All Files. We changed every network component including NIC cards, switches and cables and still have the same issue and notification message shown below

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